What would you do about it?

Well, life is ridiculous. You don’t know what is gonna happen. Somehow, I experienced a weird thing but I’m quite happy about it. This is what happened…

I recently traveled to South Korea with my friends. It’s still autumn so we wanted to see what was autumn look like (you know, in Thailand, it is a tropical country we don’t have this “autumn” thing.) It was fun. We traveled about 5 days and went to many places. I will upload some photos in the next post. Right now, I want to get something out of my mind…

And in the last day of traveling, my friend suggested that we should use some local service called “Karry” (it is the service that helps you send your luggages to the airport.) so I was the one who called the service. We chatted through Line app (when we chatted in Line app, I sent some love-gestured fish a lot.) and in the next morning, there was a guy picked up our luggages. We chatted a little bit. It was done. Seemed like nothing happened.

But when I got to the airport. He delivered the luggages right on our appointment time which was good. When I came back to Thailand, I saw this message on my bag tag:

Well, I had no idea who Mr. Beck is but that was a very lovely message and made me think a lot about it. I was like “what is going on? / WTF? / Was that on the right bag?” Lots of questions popped up in my head. I told my friend about it and they found out that no one got messages like mine. I even thought “Was someone flirting with me through the bag tag?? And we’d just met!!!” That was crazy. But, I stopped myself from over thinking. I had to stick with the reality. So i told my friend again. They advised me that I had to make it clear. So I did what they said, I chatted to him again and said thank you for the lovely message. He replied and asked me if I had a chance to go to Korea again. He will guide me. (Thanks for your generosity, really…) Honestly, I’m quite happy. I’ve never been through something like this before. We chatted a little bit and ended our conversation in very official way. (And I still had no clue who wrote that message for me! And what he thought about me…God damn it!!! LOL)

So, that what it was. My weird story…

What would you do if you were me?

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