I’m stunned.

Today, I faced a bad situation. A good employee of mine wants to quit from the company. Yeah, it’s true. I’ve noticed for a while but I keep my mouth shut. Today, she told me she wants to quit because of many reasons. She said I’m not the core of the problems neither the works, but it is because of something that I can’t control and she doesn’t feel right about it. And I feel like I’m an idiot right now. I cannot even keep my best employee. Such a shame. I feel lost right now. She is the first employee that I’ve trained her myself. And she did a good job.

I tried to hold her back but it didn’t succeed. She’s already made her choice anyway.

Well, I’m all alone again.

Just like 3 years ago. When many things happened to me.

I’m going back to the start again.

I’m so f*cking tired.

No one could help me.

I’m alone.

Even more, I feel very lonely.

I’m alone again.

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